Below are some further resources you may find useful

If you feel completely overwhelmed & need someone to talk to urgently then call The Samaritans on 116 123


Recommended reading - well, some of our favourite books!


Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting  by  Noel Janis-Newport

Full Catastrophe Living  by  John Kabat-Zinn

Atomic Habits  by  James Clear


Online articles you may find interesting:

In the workshop we discuss Dr Herbert Benson's Relaxation Response. Here is an article giving more detail -


Mini moments!

Besides the techniques we show you on the workshop here are some mini relaxation 'activities'


Three Minute Nervous Disarousal 

That's a smart way of saying how to relax your nervous system during a three minute 'break' (with the door closed...) instead of sitting contemplating the future or ruminating about the past. 

  • Be aware of your breathing - doing this takes your mind off other intrusive thoughts.
  • Focus your eyes on a point comfortably in your vision, then soften your gaze and engage your peripheral vision. You will feel your face relax as your eye muscles relax.
  • Now focus on your jaw. Allow it to drop naturally.
  • Quietly repeat the words 'Friday, Saturday, Sunday' whilst allowing your jaw to drop open progressively more and more, letting the tension drop too. Don't worry about saying the words properly, just let the sounds come out slowly from your open mouth.

One of the main nerve highways governing organ regulation - the vagus nerve - runs near the jaw. When consciously relaxing the muscles around your jaw a message is sent to relax other areas along the vagus nerve and so our mind and body relax in turn. 


How to breathe effectively to reduce tension

Simon takes  you through a short breathing technique to help quieten down your nervous system and allow you to cope better with everyday anxieties.

Click here to watch the video


Simple mindfulness to practice at anytime & anywhere

This short video leads you through a simple mindfulness exercise to bring your focus back to the present and so reduce the tension, anxiety and stress associated with ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. 

Just click here for the mindfulness video

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